NEWS: Did Rip Off The Dev Team’s iPhone Jailbreak?

Thanks to Gadget Cracker reader RagnaParadise for sharing this enlightening info: Profits on iPhone Jailbreak With Microsoft Ads

Google Adsense Abuse for iPhone Jailbreak Software QuickPwn

UPDATE: Thanks to GC reader Will Benson for commenting below. His blog has an interesting perspective on this topic and it lead me to this forum thread that I think is worth sharing here as well. Thanks Will!

It also doesn’t sit well with me that QuickPWN’s site did not mention RedSn0w and rejected comments mentioning it as an alternative for quite some time after it was available (they do mention RedSn0w now that it’s clear QuickPWN is history).

You decide! Just reporting here, not judging. But with that said, I will be replacing all my QuickPWN bookmarks with direct links to the Dev Teams blog where you can always get the latest jailbreak/unlocking tools right from the source!

Oh, and don’t forget the Gadget Cracker article ‘No QuickPWN? No Problem! OS 3.0 Jailbreak for iPhone’ if you need help using RedSn0w!



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