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Damien Ira Gaskins
Damien Ira Gaskins

First things first, obviously there hasn’t been much activity on the site as of late. Don’t worry, I have a good reason! My son, Damien Ira Gaskins, was born July 30th, so as you can imagine I’ve been spending my time with him and trying to help my girlfriend Jess take care of him when I’m not working (but I’ll admit, she does most of the dirty work!).  So that is my numero uno reason for ignoring my obligations recently, and no I don’t feel guilty at all! :P

I also wanted to use this down time as an opportunity to not think about this site for a while so I could come back with a more objective view of Gadget Cracker. One of the things I am considering is doing less news articles and focusing mostly on how-to articles, tutorials and things of that nature. I believe that was my original vision the more I think about it.

I do have several new articles either planned or already in the works, so please believe me that Gadget Cracker is still alive and well!


-Adam [GC Webmaster]

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